In a significant stride towards fostering athletic excellence, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has released a substantial fund of Rs 30.83 Crore as part of the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme for the financial year 2023-24. This allocation, inclusive of an Out-of-Pocket Allowance (OPA) amounting to Rs 7,71,30,000, is earmarked for 2571 Khelo India athletes during Quarter 4.

The Quarter 4 disbursement, covering the period from January to March 2024, completes the comprehensive financial support released to athletes for all quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4) in the 2023-24 fiscal year, totaling Rs 30,83,30,000.

Aligned with the Khelo India Scheme’s overarching objective of long-term athlete development, approximately 3000 athletes have been identified and designated as Khelo India athletes. These individuals receive a generous Out-of-Pocket Allowance of Rs 1,20,000/- per annum per athlete, accompanied by an additional investment of Rs 5 Lakh for each athlete dedicated to training and competition.

The holistic scholarship package, designed to nurture the potential of these nearly 3000 talented athletes within the Khelo India scheme, encompasses a total annual scholarship of Rs 6.28 lakhs. This financial support is strategically allocated to cover diverse aspects such as training, coaching, diet, kitting, medical insurance, kits, and out-of-pocket allowances, reinforcing SAI’s commitment to empowering and enabling India’s future sports champions.

Q1- 2848 KIAs – ₹ 7,36,70,000
Q2- 2684 KIAs – ₹ 7,81,10,000
Q3- 2663 KIAs – ₹ 7,94,20,000
Q4- 2571 KIAs – ₹ 7,71,30,000